Playground for Science & Creativity

We strive to take the world you see every day and help you understand the science of it through simple fun interactive activities. 

Our Mission & Vision is to bring back the fun and creativity in Science...

Our students yearn for active engagement through building, creating and exploring.  Science is the one subject that allows kids to do hands on experiments and activities to peak their interests in the what, why, and how our world and organisms in it work.  Our classroom teaching and techniques should reflect this natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge.



Hi, I’m Chivas Spivey!  I love to relate the world around us by teaching what we see everyday in out of the box scientific terms.  The Science of building and creating for higher learning is my passion!



Hi, I’m Jordan Spivey! I am a computer engineer and a web designer. I am available to build any PC you can imagine and if you need for someone to make you a website then my dad and I are always here!

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